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First Prayer Need

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Well, here's the first prayer challenge!! Part of the CBN team is stuck in Virginia Beach not knowing if they will mke their connection.(good ol' mechanicl dificulties)

Second, they have closed the Dominican border!!?!?!?!? Jim doesn't know why, but surely this will have a broad impact on getting help into the country because the airport is still working under very minimal capacity in Port au Prince.

The CBN team leader already in Santo Domingo is working on getting either military aircraft or a private charter to take Jim and their team in.

Please pray every one gets to Santo Domingo safety and finds safe passage into Haiti.

Once they get there, this team has what they need to be fairly "self sufficient" as far as I understand. Jim has protein bars, peanut butter, nuts etc for a few days.

In prayer this morning, I was confessing and surrendering my fears. Humanly, I was thinking about aftershocks and tsunami. And even though they have said, tsunami is not a danger, the evil one had planted it in my mind Well, the Lord "took it and made it His" because he spoke to my spirit, that He wanted to release a TSUNAMI OF PRAYER IN HAITI - and we should pray Jim and his group would be part of opening doors to making that happen.

Thanks for joining me in that request.

With FAITH believing